Neuromechanics Division

This Division investigates

  • neuromuscular and physiological effects of orthopedic and neuromuscular injury
  • injury prevention
  • injury rehabilitation using
    • physiologic
    • functional
    • clinician-oriented and patient-based outcomes
  • to inform and direct the evidence-based practice of athletic trainers.
  • The goal of the Division is to reduce musculoskeletal injuries and created patient-centered prevention and intervention programs.

Current Projects

  • Firefighter equipment
  • Static and dynamic balance
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Stride frequency

Grant Funding

  • Center for Student Research and Creativity
  • Indiana State COMPETE Program
  • Indiana State University Research Committee Grant


  • Distinguished Alumni, Grand Valley State University - Dr. Kenneth Games
  • Outstanding Graduate Student - Zachary Winkelmann


  • Warrior Research Center
  • Auburn University
  • Union Hospital


NICER Lab - Neuromechanics Division