Welcome to Indiana State University’s College of Health and Human Services' Department of Advanced Practice Nursing, consistently named as one of the top 100 graduate nursing programs in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. This department was established in 2008 and several changes followed.  We have added new faculty members and, along with veteran faculty, all are working hard serving as your advocates for graduate nursing practice.

We strive to foster the best possible present and future leaders, educators, and practitioners of advanced practice nursing for communities throughout the country. Nursing graduate students leverage their vast array of clinical experiences and nursing foundation to develop and implement innovative community service. Faculty offer a supportive online educational environment that is unique and challenging and gives each graduate a sense of accomplishment upon completion of the selected program of study.

The College core values of compassion, integrity, health, respect, and performance are integral to our philosophy of nursing. Our faculty is responsive and has mastered the art of online learning with over 50 years of combined distance education experience.

Dr. Jill Moore, Department Chairperson

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