Executive Committee

Meeting Schedule

The purpose of the committee is to exercise the powers and authority of the Faculty Council.

The Executive Committee members are the officers of the Faculty Council.

Officers -  2020-2021

Chairperson -   Matthew Blaszka

Vice-Chairperson -  Erik Southard 

Secretary -  Maureen Johnson 

Administrative Support  


One elected tenured / tenure track faculty from each department / school

Applied Health Sciences -   Maureen Johnson 

Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation -  Jeremy Houser

Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport -  Matthew Blaszka

Social Work -   Jennifer Todd

School of Nursing - Erik Southard

Ex-officio Members

Dean - Caroline Mallory

Associate Dean for Academics -  Whitney Nesser

Associate Dean for Student and Community Relations -  Peggy Weber

Executive Director of Nursing - Lea Hall

Department Chairperson - Applied Health Sciences -  Linda Behrendt

Department Chairperson - Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation - John Pommier

Department Chairperson - Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport - Thomas Nesser

Department Chairperson - Social Work - Robin Bonifas

Fellow(s) -