Faculty Affairs Committee

Meeting Schedule

The purpose of the committee is to formulate, implement, evaluate, and/or recommend policies and procedures pertaining to the faculty of the College.

Officers -  2020-2021

Chairperson -  Linda McQuiston / Matt Hutchins

Secretary -  Linda McQuiston


One elected tenured faculty from each department/ school

Applied Health Sciences -   Matt Hutchins

Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation - Howell Tapley

Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport -  Myung-ah Lee

Social Work -   Robyn Lugar

School of Nursing - Linda McQuiston


Ex-Officio Members

Dean - Caroline Mallory

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs -  Whitney Nesser

Associate Dean for Student and Community Relations -  Peggy Weber 

Executive Director of Nursing - Lea Hall

Department Chairperson - Applied Health Sciences - Linda Behrendt

Department Chairperson - Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation - John Pommier​

Department Chairperson - Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport - Thomas Nesser

Department Chairperson - Social Work -  Robin Bonifas

Fellow(s) -