Learning Resource Center

Mission and Vision

The Mission of the School of Nursing Learning Resource Center is to offer a quality learning environment that functions efficiently and effectively to enhance teaching and learning activities for the development of caring, competent, proficient, nurses.

The Vision of the School of Nursing Learning Resource Center is to provide premier clinical learning spaces for educational experiences that develop caring, competent, professional nurses.

The School of Nursing Learning Resource Center values Safety, Critical Thinking, Clinical Judgment, Principles of Adult Education, Hands On Learning, and Technological Adeptness.

Nursing Learning Resource Center

The Indiana State University Nursing Learning Resources Center (LRC) provides a quality learning environment that functions to enhance teaching and learning activities. This realistic clinical environment in which students learn necessary physical assessment and psychomotor skills is an essential bridge between classroom learning and real-world nursing practice where clinical judgment, critical thinking, decision making, delegation, and teamwork skills are strengthened. The LRC endorses the incorporation of the Standards of Best Practice: Simulation from the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation & Learning (INACSL) (INACSL Standards Committee. (2021). Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best PracticeTM. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 58, 66.) in all laboratory and workshop activities / simulations to promote student learning. 

The LRC, located on the east side of the Arena, south of the spine, consists of 5 skills labs [C-9, C-10, C-11N (Union Health Nursing Skills Lab), C-11S (Union Health Nursing Skills Lab), and C-12 (Rich and Robin Porter Nursing Skills Lab)] and a study area (C-1).  The Testing Assistant’s office (C-03) / testing area (C-03A) and the LRC Director’s office (C-05) are located adjacent to the study area.  The College of Health and Human Service’s Lactation room (C-02) is also adjacent to the study area.  Efficient purchasing, processing, storage, circulation, and maintenance of various learning resources and equipment are provided in order to facilitate their effective use in the teaching / learning activities of the students and faculty of the baccalaureate nursing program, campus community, and various community health facilities.  

The LRC Procedures guide behavior and equipment use in the Learning Resource Center.

Small groups are utilized to facilitate individualized instruction. Students use various learning resources and equipment including task trainers and moderate fidelity simulators to gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes integral to Patient-Centered Care, Teamwork and Collaboration, Evidence-Based Practice, Quality Improvement, Safety, and Informatics. Outside of course-related events, the Nursing Skills Labs are available to be reserved and available for independent, self-directed student practice.

Feel free to use our LRC Evaluation Form to help us provide the best service possible.

Where is the Learning Resource Center?  

  • Arena - 401 N. 4th Street - LRC Diagram
  • C-01 - Lounge
  • C-03 - Testing Assistant Office
  • C-05 - LRC Director / Technology Coordinator Office
  • C-09 - OB skills lab
  • C-10 - Peds skills lab
  • C-11 North (Union Health Nursing Skills Lab) - Med Surg skills lab
  • C-11 South (Union Health Nursing Skills Lab) - Pharmacology skills lab
  • C-12 (Rich and Robin Porter Nursing Skills Lab) - Skills lab for Fundamentals and Health Assessment

Available Resources

Re-Use / Re-Package Program

The Re-Use/Re-Package Program, first implemented in Fall 2013, is intended to reduce resource utilization, resulting in cost-savings of Learning Resource Center (LRC) funds which will be used for other necessities while promoting realistic experiences in the LRC.  This environmentally friendly program reduces waste as well as promotes student and faculty cognizance of conservation efforts and responsible spending. 

At the completion of labs / workshops in which disposable supplies are used, students and faculty place reusable supplies in the appropriate containers.  The LRC Director manages re-packing / re-wrapping supplies and kits for the subsequent semester’s labs / workshops with the assistance of NURS 104 student volunteers who fulfill a course service activity requirement by participating in the program. Student volunteer hours through the program total 1130 hours.

Semester savings have ranged from $3000 the first semester when participants were learning what could be saved / re-used to $17,010. The average savings over the life of the program is $10,500 / semester as of Spring 2023.  Fluctuations vary based on different supplies used and course enrollments.

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