SON Student Affairs Committee

Meeting Schedule

Contact Donna Purviance for the meeting link.

Authority of the Student Affairs Committee

  • Formulate, implement, evaluate, and/or recommend policies and procedures pertaining to the students in the SON

Functions of the Student Affairs Committee

  • Recommend, review, and/or approve the policies regarding undergraduate and graduate students including:
    • Admission, progression, retention, graduation, and dismissal.
    • Scholarships, honors, and awards.
    • Academic and developmental advising.
    • Non-curricular, program-related areas and activities.
  • Confidentially review, discuss, and decide upon student requests for reinstatement.
    • If student academic determinations are needed outside of the academic year, an Ad-hoc committee will be formed to complete this objective.
      • The committee will consist of five members with a minimum of one member from SAC.
      • In the event that SAC members are unable to fill these seats, additional representatives will be appointed by the Steering Committee from the Faculty Assembly.
      • The Steering Committee will ensure that there is at least one committee member from graduate, undergraduate campus and undergraduate distance faculty.
  • Appoint Ad-hoc as needed.
  • Submit an annual report to the Steering Committee.

Officers - 2021-2022

  • Chair -  Donna Purviance
  • Vice Chair  - Deetta Vance
  • Secretary - Renee Bauer
  • Members 
    • Kailee Burdick
    • Lea Ann Camp
    • Jessica Durbin
    • Robert Owegi
  • Student - Campus -
  • Student - Distance -


  • The Student Affairs Committee shall consist of a minimum of five faculty appointed or elected by Faculty Assembly.
  • There shall be at least one faculty member from undergraduate distance, undergraduate campus, and graduate tracks.
  • There should be at minimum one student from campus and one student from a distance track.
    • There should be an attempt to have at least one student from each track.
    • Students serve as non-voting members.
  • Non-voting Ex-Officio members:
    • Executive Director - Lea Hall
    • Associate Director of Academics - Marcee Everly
    • Associate Director of Students - Jill Moore
    • All nursing faculty not on the committee
    • Emeritus/Emeriti retirees
    • All staff
    • Student(s)
  • Meetings (except executive sessions) are open to members of the faculty, administration, staff, and students.