SON Steering Committee

Meeting Schedule

Authority of the Steering Committee

  • Exercise the powers of the Faculty Assembly.

Functions of the Steering Committee:

  • Review the mission, vision, and value statements of the SON and make recommendations to the Faculty Assembly.
  • Review the strategic plan and make recommendations to the Faculty Assembly.
  • Call meetings of the Faculty Assembly at least twice a year, once each semester.
  • Review and approve the SON’s standing committee operating policies and procedures.
  • Submit an annual report to the Faculty Assembly.
  • Review and approve non-curricular and non-assessment program policies.
  • In times of local, state or national emergency or crisis requiring Steering Committee action, the committee may act on behalf of Faculty Assembly in
    mitigating potential or actual harmful effects to students, faculty, staff or organization.

Officers 2021-2022

  • Co-Chairs - Kathleen Huun and Jan Weust
  • Vice Chair - Deb Vincent
  • Secretary - Somer Nourse
  • Member - Susan Eley
  • Member -


  • The Steering Committee shall consist of five members, at least one regular faculty representative from undergraduate campus, undergraduate distance, and graduate programs respectively, and two members at large.
  • Non-voting Ex-Officio members:
    • Executive Director - Lea Hall
    • Associate Director of Academics - Marcee Everly
    • Associate Director of Students - Jill Moore
    • All nursing faculty not on the committee
    • Emeritus/Emeriti retirees
    • All staff
    • Student(s)
  • Meetings (except executive sessions) are open to members of the faculty, administration, staff, and students.