SON Undergraduate Curriculum and Assessment Committee

Meeting Schedule

Authority of the Undergraduate Curriculum and Assessment Committee

  • Develop, implement, maintain, and lead the curricula and assessment for the BSN Tracks.

Functions of the Undergraduate Curriculum and Assessment Committee

  • Makes recommendations to the faculty for course and curricular changes that are consistent with the philosophy and objectives of the program.
  • Reviews new course and program proposals, revisions, deletions, and banking.
  • Makes curriculum and program recommendations/revisions based on program evaluation data and trends in nursing education.
  • Reports trends and recommendations related to the curriculum to the undergraduate nursing faculty.
  • Regularly reviews and revises program outcomes and curriculum to maintain congruence with best practices and developments in nursing education and nursing practice.
  • Supports a culture of data-driven decisions to inform the strategic plan to develop and implement new programs in response to anticipated demands and trends in nursing education and practice.
  • Contributes to the advancement of student engagement and ensures a culture of diversity, inclusivity, equity, and civility as defined by AACU.
  • Establishes sub-committees and task forces as necessary.
  • Reviews the state and national nursing accreditation standards routinely to ensure and document compliance and congruence across the curriculum.
  • Ensures that discipline specific competencies (AACN, ANA, and NLN) are fully integrated across the entire undergraduate curriculum.
  • Defines the content of the curriculum, determines the sequencing of courses, and reviews/evaluates existing courses.
  • Reviews the baccalaureate outcomes routinely and records annually.
  • Reviews and approves the program/concentration assessment plans as scheduled.
  • Reviews the university assessment plan annually.
  • Review and approve undergraduate student handbooks.

Officers - 2021-2022

  • Co - Chairs -  Linda McQuiston
  • Vice Chair (Chair-elect) - Ami Stone
  • Secretary - Linda Walters
  • Members 
    • Heather Anderson
    • Renee Bauer
    • Kailee Burdick
    • Lea Ann Camp
    • Emily Cannon
    • Donna Crawford
    • Candy DeCourville
    • Nancy Hudlun
    • Kathleen Huun
    • Andreas Kummerow
    • Somer Nourse
    • Jan Weust
  • Student - Campus - Matt Stetler
  • Student - Distance -


  • The Undergraduate Curriculum and Assessment Committee shall consist of a minimum of five faculty appointed or elected by the Faculty Assembly who teach in the undergraduate baccalaureate nursing tracks.
    • There shall be at least two faculty members from undergraduate distance tracks and two faculty from undergraduate campus tracks.
  • There should be at minimum one student from a campus and one student from a distance track.
    • There should be an attempt to have at least one student from each track. Students serve as non-voting members.
  • Faculty teaching in graduate tracks are also permitted to serve as members on this committee if desired.
  • The majority of UCAC membership shall consist of undergraduate faculty.
  • All nursing faculty are encouraged to attend the meetings and have a speaking seat on the committee.
  • Non-voting Ex-Officio members:
    • Executive Director - Lea Hall
    • Associate Director of Academics - Marcee Everly
    • Associate Director of Students - Jill Moore
    • All nursing faculty not on the committee
    • Emeritus/Emeriti retirees
    • All staff
    • Student(s)
  • Meetings (except executive sessions) are open to members of the faculty, administration, staff, and students.