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Health Sciences - MS Public Health / Public Health Nutrition

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Public Health, one of the specialization areas of Indiana State University’s masters degree programs in Health Sciences, is designed to prepare professionals qualified to educate and oversee the health and well being of the public and their communities.

The Master’s degree concentration in Public Health provides a general mastery of public health beyond that of the undergraduate level. It is particularly recommended for those students who wish to: advance in their careers beyond entry-level positions; assume additional organizational responsibilities; or pursue a doctorate degree. General requirements include an internship and an option of a thesis or research project.

The concentration in Public Health Nutrition is designed to meet the needs of Registered Dietitians and Public Health professionals who want to work with individuals and communities to promote healthy dietary intake. It also prepares public health officials who want to work in the obesity and chronic disease management areas. Within the concentration, there is a track for Registered Dietitians and a second track for those with a health promotion/public health undergraduate degree.


  • Application for graduate study is available from the College of Graduate and Professional Studies
  • Please see the Program Information pack for details about admission to the program.
  • Please refer to ISU Graduate Sycamore Express for detailed information about thesis forms and responsibilities.
  • If you will be an on campus student interested in consideration for a graduate assistantship, please contact the Department office at 812.237.3079

The Health Sciences masters degree program is now offered by distance learning