Professional Master of Science in Athletic Training Program

Indiana State University is excited to announce the introduction of the new Professional Master of Science in Athletic Training Program! Indiana State University has continued to be a leader in Athletic Training education and has a rich history of challenging the status quo and producing high quality athletic trainers. With an innovative curriculum that integrates advanced skills and clinical decision-making, this new program will equip its graduates to excel in the ever-changing landscape of Athletic Training.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Master of Science in Athletic Training Program at Indiana State University is to effectively prepare evidence-based, patient-centered clinicians that are able to think critically in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Students of the program will be well prepared to practice at the top of their license through experiences in interprofessional collaboration, simulation, and application of disablement models in healthcare.

Our program challenges students to develop as advocates for patients and the profession of athletic training. Graduates will be prepared to be ethical, inclusive, and culturally competent clinicians, and also to be productive citizens of the world.

Vision (Execution) Statement

  • 2-year continuous enrollment
  • Blend of didactic and clinical education
  • Clinical immersion experiences at a variety of clinical sites
  • Simulated patient encounters
  • Interprofessional practice


This program will be seeking accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) so that students can be eligible to take the Board of Certification exam at the culmination of the program.


Our program areas of distinction and the proposed curriculum will provide an innovative education in the profession of athletic training. Students in the program will be well-prepared to practice at the top of their license through experiences with simulated patient encounters and clinical rotations under the supervision of forward-thinking athletic trainers in the high school, collegiate, and professional sports settings. The first year of the MAT program focuses on developing foundational knowledge and the development of clinical skills through simulated patient encounters. Students will begin their first clinical experience rotations during the fall and spring semesters of their first year. The second year of the MAT program focuses on gaining clinical experience and developing clinical judgment. The second year curriculum follows a hybrid model, with a mixture of online and in-person courses to allow students the flexibility to pursue a variety of clinical experiences.

Clinical Experiences:

Over the course of the program, students will gain five semesters of clinical experience under the supervision of highly skilled athletic trainers in a variety of settings. Students will complete 24 weeks of immersive clinical experience, where they learn full time under the supervision of a certified athletic trainer.

Programs are only required to provide 4 weeks of immersive clinical experience, so the additional 20 weeks of immersive clinical experiences offered at Indiana State University will prepare graduates to have the confidence and skills necessary to be highly successful following graduation.

Current clinical experience sites include:

  • Indiana State University Athletics
  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Athletics
  • Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Athletics

Please continue to check back as we add additional sites!

Admission Requirements and Application Timeline:

The first cohort of Professional Master’s in Athletic Training students will start the program in Summer 2021.

In the meantime, start preparing your application to the program! Please find our admission requirements below or in the program flyer.

If you are interested in applying, please contact Dr. Eric Post, Program Director. 

Admissions Deadline:

Rolling admissions, applications will be considered as they are received. Admitted students will start the program during the summer term (June).

ISU MAT Admission requirements: 

  • Completed bachelor’s degree
  • “C“ or better in all required prerequisite coursework
    • Any prerequisite courses that are “in-progress” at the time of application will be reviewed on post-admission transcripts.
  • Minimum 3.0 overall undergraduate GPA, as reflected on your transcript
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Formal letter of application, addressing why you are applying to the ISU MAT program and why you want to become an athletic trainer (one-page)
  • Minimum of 40 observation hours under the direct supervision of a licensed/certified Athletic Trainer, documented and confirmed with signature.
  • Contact information for three references who can speak to your potential success as a healthcare professional; no letters needed
    • One of these references must be an athletic trainer who supervised you during your observation experience (not required for 2020-2021 school year
    • One of these references must be faculty member who taught one of your prerequisite courses
  • Interview with MAT faculty by invitation

Materials for Application:

  • Transcripts for all undergraduate coursework at the time of your application (unofficial or official)
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Formal letter of application
  • Documentation of observation hours (not required for 2020-2021 school year)
  • Contact information (name, phone number, and email address) for 3 references

Want More Information?

Program Prerequisites

Required Prerequisites # Semesters ISU Equivalent
Human Anatomy and Physiology

2 semester sequence with labs OR separate anatomy and physiology courses each with lab

Bio 231 & L & Bio 241 & L
ATTR 210 & L and PE 220 & L

General Chemistry 1 semester with lab Chem 105 & 105L
General Biology 1 semester with lab Bio 101 & 101L or Bio 112 & 112L
General Physics 1 semester with lab Phys 105 & 105L
Medical Terminology 1 semester ATTR 225
Clinical Kinesiology  1 semester ATTR 280 or PE 380
Physiology of Exercise 1 semester with lab PE 381 & PE 381L
Fundamentals of Nutrition 1 semester  AHS 221 or AHS 201
General Psychology 1 semester  PSY 101
Statistics 1 semester  Math 241 or AHS 240
Preferred Electives    
Introduction to Abnormal Psychology   PSY 368
Psychology of Health Behavior   PSY 240
Developmental Psychology   PSY 266 or EPSY 221
Public Health Concepts   AHS 220


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Contact Us

Dr. Eric Post, Program Director
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Sycamore Center for Wellness and Applied Medicine
567 North 5th Street
Terre Haute, IN 47809
Google Map: Location of the Professional Master of Science in Athletic Training Program