Employee Wellness Program


For the past three years our employee health initiative, On the Way to Wellness, has focused on health risk assessments and biometric screenings that allow individuals to benchmark and evaluate changes in their health status over time. Many individuals have used this information to work toward a healthier lifestyle and have improved their numbers from one year to the next. Some individuals have used the information to transform their health and reduce their metabolic risk factors. Each year we hear from employees how they, or their spouse, learned of a serious health condition through the screening process. This exercise is well worth the time spent.

One of the goals we had for this wellness initiative was to slow the growth of the amount spent on the University’s self-insured health plan. For 2016, we are experiencing a significant increase in claims utilization. Beginning next year we are transitioning to the next phase of our Employee Wellness Program - Inspiring Better Health - with expectations of improved results.


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