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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Indiana State University will make reasonable accommodations to the physical and mental limitations of an employee or applicant unless such an accommodation would impose an undue hardship on the University. Upon voluntary identification, persons with disabilities will be given an opportunity to describe any special methods, skills, and procedures that qualify the person for positions that otherwise would present difficulties because of a disability and the accommodations that the employing department might make that would enable a person with a disability to perform the job properly and safely, including special equipment, changes in the physical layout of the job, elimination of certain duties relating to the job, or other accommodations. Indiana State University ADA policy can be found here.

To request an accommodation please fill out our ADA request form here.

Long Term Disability (LTD)

Employees are eligible for long-term disability benefits after 3 years of continuous, regular employment with the University. This policy provides 66.67% income protection after 180 days of continuous total disability. The 66.67% income guarantee is from all sources; i.e., Social Security, Workers' Compensation, INPRS, TIAA, and all other sources of retirement income.  The policy also contributes into your retirement while you are receiving disability benefits.  The University pays premiums in full for long-term disability benefits for all eligible employees. Participation is mandatory.

Immediate participation is available if the new employee was enrolled in a fully insured group disability insurance program (within 90 days prior to ISU employment), which would have provided at least 50% income protection upon disability for at least five years. Verification of the type of coverage, insurance company name, effective and end dates within the first 90 days of employment is required. Temporary appointments are not eligible for participation in this plan.

Long Term Disability with Lincoln Financial


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