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Training and Professional Development

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Embracing Indiana State University's promise of creating "There’s More to Blue", the Training and Development area of Human Resources is committed to the success of all ISU employees by providing services to support, promote, and enhance career development. Our goal is to provide learning opportunities that assist in the continued growth of the University by maximizing the performance of individual ISU employees, teams and departments. We provide learning opportunities in employee skill development, supervisory and management skills, leadership and business team development, diversity awareness, and customized departmental consultations.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Indiana State University Training area is to continuously improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities of all employees so that they are able to think critically and communicate effectively, adjust to a changing environment, and enhance the quality of their work.

This will be accomplished by implementing a cohesive training and development plan by using innovative learning concepts and technology.

Vision Statement

The Indiana State University Training area provides quality training programs and development opportunities for all University employees.

Core Values

The Indiana State University Training area values: ethics, integrity, knowledge, continuous improvement, quality, risk-taking, and teamwork.