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New to Indiana State University

Welcome to ISU!

We want to welcome you to the ISU campus community and share information that will help you transition to your new position. ISU believes that effectively orienting new employees to the campus and to their positions is critical to establishing successful, productive, working relationships. We believe that an employee's first interactions should create a positive impression of our campus.

New Employee Onboarding First Steps

  • Activating your ISU Acount Credentials

           Prior to the hire date, new hires should receive a welcome email titled “Activating ISU Account Credentials & Completing Forms” from
           ISU HR, which will include a link to activate the university user account.

  • Completing New Hire Forms

​            After setting up your ISU login credentials, you will follow the instructions in the welcome email to access the Onboarding
            system (Employee Records) and complete new hire forms electronically.

  • Preparing for Form I-9 Completion

            Federal law requires all new employees complete section 1 of the Form I-9 by their first day of work and  provide proof of their identity
            and verification of their work eligibility within three business days of their hire date. Section 2 of the Form I-9 requires the new
            employee to present original and
 unexpired document(s) from the List of Acceptable Documents in person no later than
            the third business day from the hire date.

            New hires can schedule an appointment with an I-9 Verifier through the Office of Human Resources by calling 812-237-4114.
            Learn more about the E-Verify process here.

  • Required Training

            The Office of Human Resources administers online training through Skillsoft. You should receive an email notification about required
            training, listing the items that have been assigned to you to complete. Please complete this training within 30 days from the date you
            receive the notification.

  • New Employee Orientation 

            You may be invited to attend New Employee Orientation.  New Employee Orientation is an opportunity to become familiar with the
            University. You will learn many important details to help you be successful working here, develop appreciation for the excellence of the
            and ISU community, become familiar with the University's many resources. Our orientation program introduces new employees to the
            organization and culture of the University and provides employees with critical policy, procedure and resource information.

  • Benefits Enrollment

​             Employees who are eligible for benefits will receive an email with instructions for benefit enrollment prior to your New Employee

             All employees will need to provide supporting documentation if adding dependents to any of your benefits. To add a
             spouse, you must provide a copy of your
 marriage license. If adding dependent children, you will need to provide a copy
             of their birth certificate or legal adoption papers. This documentation must be received
 within 60 days of your coverage
             effective date.

             Please be prepared to complete beneficiary information for your life insurance coverage and retirement plan. We will need
             complete addresses, birth dates 
and social security numbers.


             For more information, please contact Employee Benefits at (812) 237-4114.




Rankin Hall Room, 300
Terre Haute, IN 47809

Phone: (812) 237-4114

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.