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Annual Biometric Screening

Indiana State is committed to helping you on your journey to better health. Employees and spouses covered under the University health plan, who choose to participate in the 2022 Wellness Screenings and complete the Tobacco Certification, will earn discounts and/or avoid tobacco surcharges on your health plan premiums beginning in January of 2023.

New for 2022, our partner, Union Health has updated our Wellness portal to FitLyfe. Once your account is created on the portal you can complete your Tobacco Certification and schedule your Wellness Screening at the ISU Health Center. Employees and spouses, who choose to have their screening completed off-campus, can download/print the off-campus screening form on the FitLyfe portal for your health care provider to complete. 

 Important information for the 2022 ISU Wellness Screenings:

  • Participation by employees and spouses is voluntary.
  • To earn Wellness discounts and avoid tobacco surcharges, each individual needs to complete the Tobacco Certification on the FitLyfe portal and complete an on-campus or off-campus wellness screening.
  • When registering your Union ID is ISU plus employee’s 991#
  • On-campus screenings at the ISU Health Center are available beginning June 27th between 8:30-10:30am, Monday through Friday. On-campus Screenings will run through September 9th.  
  • If you need a parking pass for an on-campus screening, please contact Megan Streeter at 812-237-4452.
  • Off-campus screenings are an alternative after completing your Tobacco Certification and downloading/printing the off-campus screening form on FitLyfe portal. 
  • Off-campus screening forms are due no later than October 1st. Forms can be faxed or uploaded to FitLyfe via your smart phone; instructions are located on the off-campus screening form.
  • Plan to fast 6-8 hours prior to your screening.
  • The Tobacco Surcharge will continue in 2023 for tobacco and nicotine users. Employees and spouses must complete the Tobacco Certification to avoid the Surcharge in 2023.
  • Cessation support is available through Employee Wellness.
  • Completing the Health Risk Assessment Survey is optional for 2022.