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Indiana State University maintains a self-insured plan. Our goal is to obtain the appropriate medical treatment for employees who experience job related injuries and to insure that employees return to work as soon as medically practical.

If you need immediate attention please call the Worker's Compensation office at 812-237-4150

For Non Emergency treatment during normal business hours visit:

The Center for Occupational Health

4001 Wabash Avenue, Terre Haute, IN


Monday - Friday 8:30 am until 5:00 pm

Take your 3-WC Form:

For your first visit only, take a Admittance Form (3-WC)

If The Center for Occupational Health is not available, visit:


            UAP Clinic Convenient Care

If it is an Emergency or after 8:00 pm:

            Go to the nearest Emergency Room

Please note: Following treatment at any of these facilities, the Workers Compensation Office normally advocates the employee visit The Center for Occupational Health for a follow up evaluation as soon as possible.