Vision, Mission, and Values


We envision a university community that reflects the population of Indiana and the nation with respect to students, faculty, support staff and administration and that transcends social and structural barriers to equality. We also envision a university community that understands what is necessary to achieve such a goal and appreciates why such a goal is beneficial.


The mission or purpose of the Council on Diversity in pursuit of our vision is to:

• assess the degree to which the university community reflects the population of Indiana and the nation with respect to its students, faculty, support staff, and administration;

• identify the factors that facilitate and those that inhibit the achievement of a culture of support for diversity; and

• recommend strategies to increase the diversity of the university community, address impediments to a culture of support for diversity, capitalize on opportunities that are present, and stimulate movement toward the achievement of the vision that can position Indiana State University as a 21st Century leader in this arena.


• We value the individuals and groups that make up and represent our University community.

• We value a community where all individuals from all levels can participate and contribute in meaningful ways.

• We value listening as well as respectful directness that are both needed to bring about change on a topic that is often a difficult one to explore.

• We value our charge and the stewardship it represents to all in our community.

Contact Us

Dr. Leah Reynolds
Associate Vice President for Inclusive Excellence
Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Rankin Hall 426
(812) 237-8954