Give to Inclusive Excellence

As we continue to strive towards achieving our university wide strategic planning goals alongside our inclusive excellence strategic planning goals, your financial support could go a long way. Goal 4 of our inclusive excellence strategic plan strives to increase revenue in our efforts to obtain an inclusively excellent learning and working environment. Your financial contributions would help support the following programs and initiatives:

Dollar Amount Contribution: $25.00-$250.00
T.E.A. Grant:

The Together Excellence is Achieved grant (T.E.A) was created to encourage student collaboration with programming across campus. This grant is directly tied to the inclusive excellence (i.e) strategic goal 3: Bridging the gap through connection, communication, and collaboration.

Affirm Plus Grant:

The Affirm Plus grant is designed to encourage and achieve a diverse workforce as it relates to our faculty and staff at Indiana State University. The Affirm Plus Grant is connected to I.E strategic goal 2: Diversifying Indiana State University’s workforce.

Infiniti Groups:

There are four affinity groups on campus who are purposed with providing advocacy, support, and education to our faculty and staff. Those groups are: The Black Faculty and Staff Caucus, Asian and Pacific Islander Caucus, Latin X Caucus, and LGBTQ Caucus.

Dollar Amount Contribution: $251.00-$500.00
Faculty & Staff Seminars:

In alignment with I.E Strategic Goal 1: Diversifying the curriculum, contributions would assist in the training of faculty and staff across campus.

Civil Learning:

In alignment with all I.E strategic planning goals, assessment is necessary. Contributions would go towards biannual campus climate assessment that will provide the blueprint for future strategic planning goals and initiatives.

Dollar Amount Contribution: $501.00-$1000.00

In alignment with I.E strategic goal 3: Bridging the gap through connection, communication, and collaboration, your contributions would assist in bringing the most relevant, effective, and revolutionary programming to Indiana State University.


In alignment with I.E strategic goal 5: Community Connection, contributions would go towards to Indiana State University’s partnership with Terre Haute community programming and initiatives that would assist in closing the gap between our university and the community.


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