Global Gold Leaf – Esther Musau

Month of April 2017

The Center for Global Engagement is proud to recognize Ms. Esther Musau as the Global Gold Leaf student for the month of April 2017. Esther is currently a final year undergrad student at ISU majoring in Communications with concentration in Media Studies and Minor in African and African-American studies. On her spare time, Esther loves to listen to audiobooks, play and compose music, and her talent in art of filmmaking is simply extraordinary. On asking her why she chose to concentrate her degree on media studies, Esther responded with the following:

Being a filmmaker, telling stories is my passion. Since I was young and had my first camera, I knew it was a call. Sharing my own story using social media like my own web series "Esther in America" was the most challenging. Nowadays, it is common that many of us use social media to portray only the best side of us. I felt like I was not being authentic if I did not share my challenges and how it helped me grow stronger as an individual and that is exactly the objective of my web series.

In the year 2016, she had the opportunity to attend the International Student Leadership Development program with Dr. Zachariah Matthew and fellow students, which helped Esther, grow as an individual and create strong networks with other potential student leaders on campus. Esther is also a graduate of the LeaderShape Institute wherein she had the opportunity to further enhance and polish her leadership skills and acquire a clear path to her vision of serving others in the educational and media field.

Education empowers people and I want to bring better opportunities to people who do not have access to quality education. In the media field, I want to be able to give a platform for the voiceless.

Being involved with the International Student Leadership Council (ISLC), a student organization on campus that caters the needs of all international students, has really given her a platform to voice out her opinions on various issues, such as the stereotypes revolving around the African continent or the concept of Women’s beauty, which differs from country to country. Being involved with ISLC has also enabled her to connect with like-minded leaders from various parts of the world and find opportunities to work together on various successful projects, such as the “I Pledge to Not Waste Food” campaign. Esther along with her team in the Communications and Marketing played a vital role helping in the launching of the campaign video primarily aimed at educating the Indiana State campus of how much food is wasted on a daily basis at ISU. Esther is also an active member of the African Student Union at ISU and being away from home, Esther has found her second family with the members of ASU and other international students.

When asked, why she has pursued leadership with such passion and what challenges she had to face along the way, Esther had this to say:

Leadership means to me service. Leadership is serving others or a purpose and in the same time initiate actions that others can follow later on. I pursued leadership here at ISU because I found a sense of purpose and belongings within my community of International Students. Some of the challenges that I came across was finding my own voice within. I had many misconceptions about what leadership was. I thought that it had more to do with giving orders to others but now I realize that it has more to do with finding my own voice from within and connecting with a community of people.

Upon graduation, she hopes that one day she will be able to tell the story of the voiceless (victims of war, rape, poverty, social injustice) and by doing this inspire others to take action for the better.

We wish Esther all the very best for her future endeavors and hope she continues to be a strong leader and an inspiration to other students here, at Indiana State. Once again, congratulations to Esther Musau - the Global Gold Leaf Student for the month of April 2017.

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