Global Gold-Leaf December 2018

Aditi Kulkarni - Global Gold Leaf As a graduate student from India studying Computer Science here at Indiana State University, Aditi Kulkarni has pushed boundaries and pursued success through her involvement with the Center for Global Engagement, international student organizations, such as International Student Leadership Council, and the Indian Student Association, and in her own department on campus. Ms. Kulkarni found her way into her first leadership position as vice president of ISLC, and now spends time collaborating with other student organizations to create events and workshops for students on campus. This go-getter’s love for the analytic and logical side of computer science has shaped her into an organized leader, and those skills have been strengthened and sharpened by her involvement with ISLC, and her experience working as a graduate assistant for the Center for Global Engagement. As vice president of ISLC, she, and other members, worked together to create an award-winning golf cart for Homecoming 2018 for the second year in a row – the theme was Sycamore Nation. She has worked to establish relationships between international students and American students through various inter-cultural activities and events, such as Capture the Flag and “Windows on the World” in collaboration with the Residence Hall Association. “Windows on the World” is a program featuring international students demonstrating and teaching aspects of their culture in a series of events for students living in ISU’s residence halls.  She also took a lead role as part of a team of students from India who organized and produced the Indian Global Night, “Avishkar”, for the ISU and Terre Haute community, as well as serving as emcee for the event.

Although she came across several challenges while she was vice president, her vision for the future is to share her skills and knowledge with other international students who make their way here to study. Her advice for the new, incoming international students is “get involved, even if you feel like you don’t have the time”.  She urges students to make connections with others, because coming to such a diverse university gives you the chance to make relationships with different people and cultures you might never have encountered, had you stayed home. On her journey to developing her skills as a leader, she took part in CGE’s International Student Leadership Development Program as well as the one-day Leadershape program – Catalyst. She sees herself as a leader who believes in working together with an emphasis on communication and logical reasoning to reach goals as a group.

When she is not studying and working hard in her organization, she spends her free-time listening to music, hangout with friends, and eating – especially food from other countries and cultures.

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