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FAQs for Faculty

How can I make my students aware of the ISUWC?

You can invite a consultant from the ISUWC to visit your classes! We promise not to take more than 15 minutes of your class time, and your students will leave knowing how to make an appointment, how the center works, and how they can prepare for an appointment. To arrange for a visit, just email

I would like to include the ISUWC in my syllabus. Do you have suggested language that I can use?

The ISU Writing Center tutors are available to help you at any step of the way in the writing process, from brainstorming to editing. We offer free consultations to all ISU students for any writing project. Appointments are available on a first-come-first-serve basis Monday-Thursday from 10:00 AM-8:00 PM, Friday from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM, and Sunday from 4:00 PM- 10:00 PM.The Writing Center is located in Cunningham Memorial Library on the second floor. To schedule an appointment or if you have any other questions, visit this website:, and follow the instructions for making an appointment through

What kinds of assignments can my students take to the ISUWC?

Your student can bring any writing-related project to the ISUWC. The only exceptions are take-home tests or quizzes. Assignments can be any length, but keep in mind that appointments only last 50 minutes; if your student brings a 25-page paper for one appointment, we may only get through five pages! 

Who can use the ISUWC?

The ISU Writing Center is open to any enrolled ISU student. We also serve staff and faculty members. We see a wide range of students, from first-year students to PhD students working on dissertations. Some of our visitors are struggling in their classes, while others are advanced students. Many of our visitors contend with writing anxiety, and some come see us for tips on how to take notes, manage their time, or write more efficiently. Every student can benefit from writing help, and every student is welcome at the Writing Center.

Can the ISUWC come talk to my class about ______?

The ISU Writing Center staff is happy to offer specialized presentations on any number of topics related to writing! If you would like to request a presentation, please email the at least two weeks ahead of the desired date.

How will I know if my students visited the ISUWC?

In order to protect students' confidentiality, we will only provide you with a consultation form if the student asks for it.

My student visited, but there are still errors in his/her assignment. Why?

Our goal is not to fix papers but to help students become more independent writers. Tutoring is a long process of guiding students through their work and helping them to identify their own mistakes. Fifty minute appointments go by pretty quickly. Additionally, your students are always in charge of implementing the changes in their own work; the consultant does not make changes for the student. 

My student missed peer editing in class. Can he/she see a writing consultant for peer editing?

While your student may certainly come see a writing consultant, we will not fill out peer editing forms.

I have to miss a class. Can the ISUWC cover for me?

The ISUWC staff members are happy to visit your class, but you must be present for these visits.

Is it true that you close for finals week?

Yes, we are closed for finals week. This is so that our consultants, who are also students, may prepare for their own finals. All tutors must maintain high GPA in order to work in the center, and we take their success very seriously. To make up for this closure, we do offer extra availability during study week.

I still have questions. Whom should I contact?

Contact us at for any further questions. We are happy to help!





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Special ISU WC Dates
We will be closed on any dates when the university is closed and any dates when the library is closed.

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