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Scheduled Appointments

We are encouraging all of our students to schedule online appointments although in-person appointments are available on a limited basis. We highly recommend that students make appointments in advance to ensure that they will be able to get help when they need it. Making appointments in advance is particularly important close to finals. Appointments are fifty-minute sessions. During the session, the tutor will ask the student about concerns and preferred study style to initiate a discussion and pinpoint potential trouble spots. While the tutor will offer suggestions on the student's writing or how to solve a particular problem, the student maintains ownership of his or her work at all times. Please note that the tutor will not write on the paper for a student.

To schedule an appointment, log in to, select an open time slot, and provided the necessary information. For these appointments, please bring a copy of your assignment, a writing utensil, and any relevant notes or textbooks. For in-person appointments, you will need to bring your laptop so that you and your tutor can both look at an electronic version of your paper. 

Drop-In Sessions

Although we recommend making an appointment, drop-in tutoring is available for individuals and groups. Drop-in sessions are also fifty-minute sessions and will operate in the same way that scheduled appointments do. To check-in for a drop-in appointment, log in to and select an open time slot.

Group Sessions

Sessions for groups can also be scheduled using See instructions below.


Distance Tutoring

We offer distance consultations for distance learning students as well. Distance students can sign up for appointments at by selecting an open time slot.

  1. How to Schedule a Group Appointment with the Writing Center

  2. 1. Designate a group leader & create mywconline accounts.

    The group leader should then gather all group members’ full names and emails. ALL group members must be registered for a mywconline account to be able to receive proof of attendance.

    Visit to register for an account.

  3. 2. Group leader schedules an individual appointment with the Writing Center

    To schedule an appointment, visit
    Paste all group member names and emails in the Group Appointment Section.

  4. 3. Once you schedule your appointment let all your group members know the date, time, and if its online or in-person.

  5. 4. For in-person appointments, all group members should meet at the Writing Center on campus.

    For online appointments, the group member will log on to mywconline and click “start or join online consultation.” Once in the meeting, copy and paste the URL and email it to all group members. They can join from that link.

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Special ISU WC Dates
We will be closed on any dates when the university is closed and any dates when the library is closed.

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