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What it is and How to avoid it

Academic integrity is a cornerstone of the University's commitment to the principles of free inquiry. Students are responsible for learning and upholding ethical, professional standards in research, writing, assessment.

Copyright has also become an interesting subject with the growth of the Internet. The following resources can assist you as you attempt to "stay legal":

Plagiarism Tools

Use these tools to check your writing for plagiarism. Note that just because a search is positive does not mean you committed plagiarism. "George Washington was the first president" is not plagiarism since it is common knowledge.

Plagiarism Checker

  • This educational software was designed as a project for the University of Maryland at College Park Department of Education.

Turnitin for Students

  • Available in Blackboard classes when authorized by the instructor

A Fair(y) Use Tale

Copyright Articles

Curse of the Greedy Copyright Holders
Woodlief, T. (July 9, 2010). Curse of the Greedy Copyright Holders. Wall Street Journal.




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