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Face-to-Face Writing Workshops

Writing workshops are generally one hour presentations on a specific topic. We are happy to design presentations for faculty or groups of students. We ask that you have a group of no smaller than four students before approaching the center about offering a specialized workshop. Please contact the center at least one week before you would like the presentation to take place. Call (812) 237-2989, or email to request a workshop.

Online Writing Workshops

Formatting Styles: 

 APA Style 7th edition

This presentation offers an overview of how to format and cite in APA Style 7th edition. 7th edition is the most current version of APA, and it was put into place October 2019.

Sample APA 6th Edition Paper

This paper demonstrates the format and citations in APA Style 6th edtion. Please note that this paper is not flawless; it is merely an example of how a paper formatted in APA Style 6th edition should look.

MLA Formatting Powerpoint

This presentation offers an overview of formatting and citing in MLA style.

Chicago Style

Breakdown of Writing an Essay: 

Crafting a Strong Thesis

This workshop explains what a thesis is, why it is used, and what to do and avoid when writing a thesis.

Structure and Organization

This workshop will help you organize your writing.

Structure Presentation Notes

These notes should be read in conjunction with the Powerpoint presentation on Structure and Organizing.

Writing a Research Paper: 

Research Writing Process Part 1

The first section of this two-part presentation on the Research Writing Process gives students an overview of the steps to writing a strong paper, including reading the prompt, brainstorming, and forming a research question.

Research Writing Process 2

The second section of this two-part presentation offers students an overview of the steps to writing a strong paper, including research, crafting a thesis, and revising.

Organizing Research

This powerpoint will give you tips for organizing your research.

Writing a Literature Review: 

Writing a Lit. Review: An Overview

This presentation offers students an introduction to writing a literature review.

How to Write a Lit Review

Misc. Paper Styles: 

Responding to Essay Questions

Writing a Business Proposal

Business Writing: An Overview

This Powerpoint, delivered by the Writing Center in a business class, gives students a brief overview of writing specifically in a business context. It touches on objectivity and purpose.

How to Write a Term Paper

Grammar/Writing Workshops:

The Parts of Speech

This Powerpoint provides an overview of parts of speech.

Professional Word Choice

This presentation covers how to be concise as well as how to avoid cliches, vague wording, and casual phrases.

Comma Workshop

This workshop covers the basic rules for commas, then offers information on the most frequently misused commas.

Run-on sentences

This presentation, written by Lee Reynolds and Kristina Bird, explains what a run-on sentence is and how to avoid it.

Semi-colons and colons

This presentation will help students understand these often misused pieces of punctuation.

Subject/Verb Agreement

Top 10 Common Grammar Errors

This Powerpoint reveals the ten grammar/punctuation errors we most commonly see in the Writing Center. It explains why they are wrong and how to correct them.

Using Quotations: 

Incorporating Quotes

Organizing Research

This powerpoint will give you tips for organizing your research.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Other Workshops:

What Your Professors Expect From Your Writing






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