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Peer Mentor Certification

The College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) offers an International Mentor Training Program Certification (IMTPC) based on research and set guidelines that been shown to positively impact mentoring programs. The ISU Mentoring Center is working to become certified so that we will have the authority to certify mentors on campus who have met the approved CRLA Mentor Certification requirements.


In order to receive a Level I CRLA Mentor Certification, peer mentors must complete 15 hours of mentor training and 50 hours of mentoring experience. Additionally, mentors must have gone through a selection process with one of ISU’s mentoring programs that requires a minimum GPA, an interview with a mentor trainer or supervisor, and two or more references from faculty, former supervisors, or counselors. Mentors will also participate in an evaluation process that occurs at least annually. The evaluation process will include mentees’ evaluation of mentors, and the results of the evaluation process will be made known to the mentors.

For more information on the CRLA Mentor Certification, please visit their website.


For peer mentors hired through the Mentoring Center, the hiring process, required training, and hours worked meeting with mentees will all contribute to meeting the CRLA Mentor Certification requirements.

The Mentoring Center is also working with other peer mentoring programs on campus to offer the trainings needed for certification. If you are a peer mentor with one of these programs, please contact your program director for further information about obtaining the certification. If you run a peer mentoring program and would like to learn more about the process or request training for your mentors, please contact the Mentoring Center Coordinator for Training, Steph Pearcy at


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