Complete Your Checklist

There are many items you should complete before arriving to your State Start-Up session to make your transition to the University as seamless as possible.


Step 1: Take Math Placement (required for all new students) prior to Coming to State Start-Up

Please note: This will not be offered during the program. Students who have not taken their Math Placement prior to State Start-Up will be placed in the lowest math course.


Step 2: Submit your Housing Intention by going to the 'My Spot' badge in your Student Portal


Step 3: Submit Required Immunization Records


Step 4: Sumbit Final Admission Materials including:


  • Final high school transcript (upon graduation)
  • Final college transcripts (most recent semester completed or dual credit coursework)
  • Newest SAT or ACT scores if taken multiple times.



Step 5: What to bring to State Start-Up


  • Your state ID or Driver's License Social Security Card
  • Financial Aid documents that have not been submitted
  • Umbrella in case of rain
  • Comfortable shoes for walking around campus



Optional Steps:

Arrange Accommodations for Disabilities with Disability Student Services


Investigate veteran benefits with Veterans Services


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