What to Expect at Orientation

New Student Orientation is a required two-day program for students. During this program, students will become familiar with the academic and campus life at State. You'll interact with your future classmates and current students, learn about important resources available to help you succeed, meet with financial aid counselors, schedule your classes, and get your Sycamore ID card. All students are required to attend the entire orientation program and will not be allowed to leave the program early for any reason. We encourage you to plan ahead and leave extra time when making travel decisions.

  • Be on time: We accomplish a lot during orientation, especially first thing in the morning. We'll help you navigate campus while you're with us, but it's important to make it to the designated locations on-time, or even early. Plan to be at Hulman Memorial Student Union by 8:00 a.m. (EST) on the first day of orientation. Please note: Indiana State University is in the Eastern Time Zone.
  • Be present: Students who are skipping sessions during the program or attempt to leave early will be asked to make-up their orientation program. Students will not receive their Sycamore ID card or academic schedule until the make-up program is completed. If a student is disruptive during the program or violates the Student Code of Conduct, New Student Transition Programs reserves the right to ask a student to leave their current program and return for a later program.
  • Be engaged: Orientation is meant to be enjoyable and, most importantly, educational. We will be giving you tools and information that will be valuable when you return to campus for classes! We encourage you to take notes and ask lots of questions if there is something you don't understand. Ask yourself: Why are they telling me about this? How can I use this information when I return to campus?
  • Be open: One of the first people you'll meet is your Welcome Team Leader. Each student will be assigned to a leader who will help them get around campus and can be a great resource for any questions you have. They are also going to help you meet other people who are new to campus. Who knows, they may be become your roommate or new best friend!
  • Be prepared: We're going to get a lot done at orientation. In order to get the most out of orientation, be sure to complete your checklist before arriving.

 Students are required to attend all sessions from 8:00am-5:00pm on Day One and 7:30am-1:00pm on Day Two.

All students will be charged a non-refundable New Student Fee on their student bill.

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