Orientation for Distance Students

If you are completing a degree program in all online (distance) classes, you are required to complete the Online Orientation. You are not required to attend an on-campus orientation program. There is no orientation fee for distance students since the orientation is online.

Distance learners will need to activate their University Username on the MyISU portal. This will give students access to the Student Portal so you can complete the Online Orientation. Follow the instructions below to activate your University Username:

1. To Activate your University Username (Student Portal): MyISU Portal

  • Your 991 (Student ID Number) can be found on your Letter of Acceptance from the Office of Admissions or your invitation to New Student Orientation
  • Note the detailed requirements when choosing your password
  • Once your Login is activated, it will show you what your username is. Keep both your username and password in a safe place. You will use this often throughout college. Usernames are typically the first letter of your first name, with your last name, and possibly a digit. For example, Sycamore Sam's University Username may be ssam17. Sam's full email address would be ssam17@sycamores.indstate.edu

2. When the student has activated their Portal, click this link to begin your Online Orientation! The Orientation will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete so please plan accordingly. If the student does need to stop in the middle of the orientation, they will be able to log back in and it will re-start where they left off.

Online Orientation for distance learners is designed with the unique experiences of distance learners in mind. There will be brief discussions on primary topics surrounding student success with opportunities for students to navigate through modules, prompting them to become familiar with the University website and campus resources.

During your Online Orientation you will:

  • Learn about academic policies and requirements
  • Gain insight to campus support services, such as Financial Aid, the IT Help Desk, the Extended Learning Office, and library resources.
  • Complete quick checks for understanding of campus resources
  • Learn about how to interact with online tools including your MYISU Portal, Sycamore eLearning, and the ISU Treehouse, your resource for student involvement. 

3. Contact your academic advisor to register for classes. Click here to find your academic advisor. 

4. When they have activated their University username on MyISU, they will have access to Blackboard. There is an orientation to Blackboard available on the site. This will help students become more comfortable with using Blackboard before the semester begins.  To access Blackboard, please visit: https://blackboard.indstate.edu/webapps/login/

5. Check your University email account daily to be sure you do not miss updates from the University or contact from your professors. 

Distance learners are encouraged to view Indiana State University’s virtual tour to get a feel for the campus and where resources are located, should the need arise to visit campus. 

For more information on distance education, please visit http://www.indstate.edu/distance/