Freshmen Resources

All Freshmen are assigned for their first full academic year to the University College where first-year advising can assist in transitioning a new student from High School and home to their first year of college life.

Main Freshman Resources

University College Home

Message from the Dean

Set an Appointment with Your Academic Advisor

Academic Calendar


Registration Resources


Advisement PIN Information

Priority Registration Dates & Information

Enrollment Verification

Stay on Track Request Form

Sycamore Graduation Guarantee

Financial Aid Resources

F.A. Freshman 101

Office of Financial Aid

FAFSA Form (Apply for aid)

The Branch (Apply for ISU Scholarships)





Spring Prior to Freshman Year

  Dates Path to Graduation w/links Description

By March 1 (check deadline)

April 15- May 31

Fill out New Student FAFSA

Register for New Student Orientation

Federal Financial Aid application

NSO is a two-day orientation that runs
approximately June 1 to June 30

Summer Prior to Freshman Year

  Dates Path to Graduation w/links Description
Summer Prior to Freshman year

May 1- July 31

June 1- June 30

June 1-30 (at orientation)

June 1 – August

Register for Fall classes with Student Self-Service

Attend 2-day New Student Orientation (NSO)

Meet with an advisor during New Student Orientation (NSO)

Order Books through Barnes and Noble


Fall Freshmen Year

  Dates Path to Graduation w/links Description

August!!! (Check the schedule)

August!!! (Check the schedule)

Monday before classes start

Check your course schedule

On-campus Move in days 

Welcome (both Fall & Spring)

Attend Fall Donaghy Day - Volunteer!

Begin and attend all enrolled first semester classes

Check move in dates & times

Fall Welcome Address

Freshman Volunteer Service Day

Good luck this week!

September Freshman Year

September (Check the schedule)

September (anytime)

September 1 - Oct 31

September 1 - Oct 31


Attend Student Involvement Fair

Connect with your fall professors during their office hours 

Pursue a job while in school through the Career Center 

Take career readiness surveys through Career Center

Explore & join a student organization
or club

Check your course syllabi for faculty
office hours - email for appt.

Check Career Center opportunities

Not sure if you are in the correct degree
field? Take readiness surveys to make
sure you are on the right path for your
future goal

October Freshman Year

October 1-November 30

September 1 - December 10

October (Check the schedule)

Participate in community service

Visit & utilize one of the Tutoring centers (CSS & MWC)

Participate in Homecoming activities

ISU is known for its service to the

Its mid-semester, do you know where you
stand with your grades?

Trike races, parade, tent city, the
game and more!!

November Freshman Year November 1 - December 15
Set an appointment & meet your advisor about Spring classes Spring enrollment is just around
the corner!! Stay on track, see your advisor
December Freshman Year

November 29 - January 11

December 1 - March 31

Register for Spring classes with Student Self-Service

Apply at The Branch for scholarships for the next academic year 

Time for Spring Enrollment!!

All ISU scholarships are offered
through the Branch and only open
from Dec 1 to Mar 31

Spring Freshmen Year

  Dates Path to Graduation w/links Description
January Freshman Year

January - by March 1

Check your course schedule

Fill out the FAFSA for the next academic year

Begin and attend all enrolled second-semester classes

To be considered for the maximum,
apply early.

Good luck this week! 

February Freshman Year

February 1 - 28

February 1 - May 9

February 1 - April 30

February 1 - April 30

Connect with your professors during their office hours 

Utilize a tutoring center (CSS & MWC)

Attend a Career Center workshop

Participate in community service

Check your course syllabi for faculty
office hours - email for appt

Its mid-semester, are you staying
on track? 

Start getting ready for your career!

Service opportunities are an ISU

March Freshman Year

March 1 - May 1


Schedule an appointment & meet with your advisor about Summer and/or Fall Courses

Summer & Fall enrollment opens in April.
Be ready!

April Freshman Year

April 15 - May 20


April 15 - August 20



Enroll for Summer classes through Student Self-Service

Enroll for Fall classes through Student Self-Service


Do you still need credits to become
a sophomore before Fall term? Enroll
for summer to catch up or get ahead!

Start off your Sophomore year right!  

15 to Finish

May Freshman Year

April 15 - May 20




Get summer textbooks through Barnes and Noble

Complete 30 credits or more to move to Sophomore status!!

If you are not at 30 credits, there are still summer classes that may help you catch up!