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Proctor an Online Exam

One way to deter cheating with online testing is through the use of a live or recorded proctoring service. At Indiana State you have two options. For a full breakdown of these two programs, check out the Proctoring Options for Online Classes resource.

Respondus logoRespondus LockDown Browser and Monitor prevent students from accessing any screen other than the test and allows them to record themselves as they are taking online tests so that instructors can later view the webcam recording. Respondus is supported by Indiana State and does not incur additional costs for the institution or students. Utilizing this solution requires faculty to enable LockDown Browser and Monitor via Respondus on a Canvas exam. Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor ONLY work with Canvas exams. They are not compatible with publisher tests or content, even if you link to it within the learning management system (LMS).

After Respondus has been enabled for a test, students log into Canvas via the LockDown Browser and record their webcam as they are taking the exam. With Respondus Monitor, instructors can also require learners to show their identification and make a short video of their testing environment. Suspicious behaviors are flagged and ranked based on analytics. (It takes 8-12 hours after a test for Respondus to process and flag the videos.)

At this time, Respondus supports Windows, Mac, and iPad; it does not work with Chromebooks and other mobile devices.

Multimedia resources are available at Respondus to help instructors or you can use the Instructor Quick Start Guide to get started using this proctoring solution.

You might also share with your learners the following resources:

Examity logoExamity is a synchronous, at-a-cost proctoring solution that allows students to take online tests in the presence of a live proctor. Faculty are able to set the parameters for the exam, including if any resources are able to be used during the test taking process. Instructors are then informed if any anomalies occur throughout the testing procedures and are later able to watch the webcam and computer screen recordings. As Examity does incur a cost to the institution and students, it is utilized for major (midterm and final) exams only.

If you choose to use Examity, we have several instructor resources available to assist with its implementation:

For faculty support with Examity, please contact Lisa Martini, Key Account Manager with Examity, at 744-231-0872 or