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Earn an Online Teaching Certificate

Online Teaching Certificate (OTC)

This collection of just-in-time, self-paced lessons is designed to offer stand-alone, interactive tutorials focusing on various facets of online instruction. Optionally, you may elect to complete the four required lessons and any four elective lessons in order to earn an Online Teaching Certificate. You have two attempts on each selected module to earn the required 85% in order to earn the Online Teaching Certificate; if you do not meet the benchmark after submitting your first attempt at the module, you may restart the lesson. If you do not meet the benchmark after two attempts, please reach out to the instructional designers for additional support and opportunities. This certificate from Extended Learning (not a formal degree certificate) documents that an Indiana State affiliate has successfully completed the expected modules.

To track performance in each lesson, you will be asked to sign in with your first and last name when accessing the links so that Indiana State Online can award Certificates accordingly. If you have questions, encounter any technology-related issues, or would like additional support, please reach out to the Instructional Designers at 812-237-8479 or

Modules Required for Certificate

While each lesson is designed to stand on its own and can be taken in any sequence, it is recommended that you take these lessons in the following order to better understand the compounding complexities of online course design and delivery. You must complete all four required lessons if you wish to earn the Online Teaching Certificate.

Elective Modules

These lessons may be completed in any order. You must complete at least four electives if you wish to earn the Online Teaching Certificate. They are alphabetized for your convenience.