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Online Proctoring

Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor


B-Virtual Live Proctoring

Prevent cheating during online or face-to-face exams


Remote live proctoring for online exams

Lower-level exams and tests

Recommended For

Gateway exams and major tests

Webcam, Internet Access, Respondus LockDown Software

Students Need

Webcam, Internet access, and audio capabilities

No. Take exams as set up in BB.

Scheduling Required

Yes, scheduling and rescheduling are available online.

Optional with ID

 Authentication  With ID
No fee Proctoring Fee $10 per exam due at scheduling (ATI exam has extra fee)

Provided by ISU OIT & Instructor

Customer Support

Provided by B Virtual 24/7, 7 days a week


Who Reviews Recordings

B Virtual emails instructor if incidents occur

Yes ADA Compliant Yes

Mac/Linux Compatible


Available from within course 24/7.

Records exam sessions with webcam. During exam: no printing, copying, messaging, screen-sharing, right-click menu options, keyboard shortcuts, capturing screen content, web browsing, or accessing other applications.



Available from ISU link. User must give proctor remote access to computer; randomly ask student to rotate webcam to validate surroundings. B Virtual saves recordings.

Ask students to download Respondus LockDown Browser from OIT. Set up tests in Blackboard course, and add desired Respondus Lockdown requirements.

Faculty Process

Faculty submit a form to Distance Learning Director who forwards it to B Virtual.

Download and launch Respondus software. Log into Blackboard, locate exam, start exam with identification, reviewing instructions, and recording surrounding environment.

Student Process

Register>Log in>Select exam to take>Select desired exam date & time>Pay by credit/debit card>Receive reference/receipt number> Enter reference # into screen to finalize exam date & time> Receive confirmation on screen & in email>Return to take exam when scheduled.