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First Year FAQs

You’re learning a lot of new things for the very first time, including how to find your way around Indiana State. We’ve got answers to the most commonly asked questions that you may be too afraid to ask. If you can’t find your question below, be sure to email us at

Where can I find a tutor (for free)?

State has a variety of tutoring services for a number of subject, you just have to know where to go!

  • Center for Student Success (Normal Hall, 1st floor)
  • Supplemental Instruction (based on your course)
    • Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a free, regularly scheduled review session that happens outside class for historically difficult courses. A student who has already passed the class will help students process the class together and learn from one another.
  • Math Lab (Root Hall, A09)
    • Need help understanding your math class? Come to the Math Lab for free assistance from our peer Math Coaches.
  • Writing Center (Library, 2nd floor)
    • Struggling with a paper? For writing help from starting your paper to reviewing it before submitting, visit the Writing Consultants in the Cunningham Memorial Library.
  • Chemistry & Physics Help Center (Science Building, 115)
    • Visit the Help Center assistance in your Chemistry and Physics classes.

How can I find out who my academic advisor is?

Login to your MyISU Portal and then click on the Student Self-Service badge. Your advisor will be listed at the bottom of the right-hand pane. If you head over to MySam, under the Academics tab, you will see your advisor listed in the top section.

If you're looking to schedule a meeting with your Univeristy College advisor, you can find that information on their webpage.

How does parking work? Where can I get a parking permit?

There are two types of parking permits:

  • Student Permits - These allow you to park in any student or remote lots.

    • If living on-campus, purchase a Resident Student permit to park in any student or remote lots (Note: This allows you to park overnight in resident lots 10 & 14 - near the residence halls).
    • If living off-campus, purchase a Regular Student permit to park in any student or remote lot (Note: You can not park in resident lots overnight on weekdays). 
  • Remote Permits - These only allow you to park in the remote lots.  

On the weekend, you’re allowed to park anywhere except for the West Pay lot in front of Rhodes and Mills.  

 You can purchase your desired parking pass online.

Where are my classes? Where is that building?

Welcome to a new place! With that comes learning your way around campus. Don't worry, you'll have it down pretty soon, but until then you can use this helpful campus map. We've also included the building codes (ie. HH) that show up on your class schedule.

Where can I study that's not my room?

Need a change of scenery while you study? We’ve all been there.  

If you prefer places with a lot of foot traffic and energy, try studying at these places: Starbucks, HMSU Commons, 1st floor of Cunningham Memorial Library, or the Fountain area.  

If you like study spaces with a moderate amount of noise, try these sweet spots: Science Building lounges, Normal Hall, Health and Human Services lounges and the Wellness Garden, or Barnes and Noble Bookstore.

Fo a much quieter experience, you can head to: 2nd floor and basement of the Library or a private study room, the Fine Arts Building, and University Hall.

How do I print on-campus? Where can I print?

For more detailed instructions, check out the full article.

  1. Submit your document to be printed.

    • You can download the printing software. Once the software is installed, two new printers appear in the printer list, "Student_BW" and "Student_Color". Once you click print, a pop-up box will appear. Enter your Sycamore ID username. (Ex: asmith22). The document will now be in the print queue and available for printing at one of the many printers on campus.
    • You can also email the document you want printed to for black and white printing or to for color printing.
  2. Visit one of the Print Stations and swipe your University ID in the reader  located on the right side of the printer or enter your University Username and password on the printer touchscreen. Select your document from the list in the print queue and then click the 'Print' button.

Here’s a list of student printers and their location:

  • Arena/HHS West Hallway Vending Area Near Room A129 
  • Library 1st Floor Near Circulation Desk (South Printer) 
  • Library 1st Floor Near Circulation Desk (North Printer) 
  • Library Lower Level Computer Cluster 
  • Root Hall 1st Floor, Main Hallway West Vending Area Near Room A190 
  • Science 1st Floor, Center Hallway Outside Room 134 
  • HMSU North - near Starbucks Exit 
  • HMSU Commons - near Fountain Exit 
  • University Hall 1st Floor, Vending Area Room 125S 
  • Stalker Hall 1st Floor, West Hallway Near Room 108 
  • Myers Technology 1st Floor, Atrium Area Behind Main Stairwell/Elevators 
  • Federal Hall Lower Level, Near the Commons Area 

Where are charging stations for my phone or laptop?

There are plenty of outlets and charging stations scattered across campus. There are several charging lockers as well that allow you to charge a phone or laptop securely by setting a lock code to secure your device for free. Some locations you can find the charging lockers are:

  • HMSU - across from the Information Desk
  • Technology Center - in the Student Success Center (1st floor)
  • Federal Hall - lower level common space
  • University Hall - in 008P (lower level)

How does my meal plan work?

Depending on your chosen meal plan, you have a set amount of Credits and Commons Cash. Each time you swipe into the Sycamroe Dining Hall your Credits will decrease by .07 for breakfast, .09 for lunch, or .12 for dinner. On Friday-Sunday, you can use Credits to pay for your meals in the Commons starting at 2:00pm. If you're a student with under 30 credit hours, you cannot use Commons Cash between 10:30am and 2:00pm. If you need additional Credits or Commons Cash, you can purchase them from the Sodexo Dining Services.

The hours of operations for the various locations are available here.

How can I become an Orientation Leader or Transition Mentor?

Becoming an Orientation Leader or Transition Mentor is a great way to get involved on campus. If you want to know more about the opportunities, be sure to head over to our Orientation Opportunities page. If you want to see more about what we do or find us out and about around campus, consider following us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

If you have questions about these opportunities or are looking to apply in the future, send us an email at

How to use MySam?

If you login to your MyISU portal and click on Student Self-Service badge, the MySam link will be on the right-hand side under My Degree Program. MySam shows you which requirements have been fulfilled and others that are not. You can use the ‘Look Ahead’ tab to determine what classes you still need to take and how your progress will change after a semester. You can use the ‘What If’ tab to see what your requirements would be if you were to change your major or minor.

How to use Blackboard?

Blackboard is the home to your classes and where you will turn in most assignments as well as find your syllabus and other important documents for your class. Blackboard has many great features you can use to make being a student easier, but sometimes it can be confusing, we get it. If you're not sure how to find something for a course, be sure to contact your professor for assistance. For more general help, you can utilize the Blackboard Help site.