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Bus Initiative

Any Bus Ride is Free For Students, Faculty, and Staff with ISU ID Card

TRIP PLANNER and GOOGLE MAPS - Click on link to download app and plan your bus route

Interactive Bus Route and Map

Campus Route (All Day)

pdf-icon.jpgCampus Route and Map

pdf-icon.jpgISU Campus Route Times

pdf-icon.jpgPlaza North (Morning/Day)

pdf-icon.jpgSoutheast / Southside (Morning/Day) 

pdf-icon.jpgNorth 19th and 12 Points (Morning/Day)

pdf-icon.jpgHoney Creek Mall (Morning/Day)

pdf-icon.jpgHoney Creek Mall (Evening)

pdf-icon.jpgEast Wabash / East Locust (Morning/Day)

pdf-icon.jpgSouth 7th (Morning/Day)

pdf-icon.jpgSouth 7th (Evening)

pdf-icon.jpgNortheast (Evening)

How to Ride a City Bus
  • The timetable identifies bus stops that are assigned a departure time. Between those designated time points, there are several bus stops that are not listed. If your stop is unlisted, identify the stop closest to your location. In the ISU Campus Route, you can flag the bus at any point of the route.
  • Arrive at your stop at least 5-10 minutes before the bus is due and wait at least 5-10 minutes after the scheduled arrival time. Our drivers make every effort to operate on schedule, but delays can occur.
  • Wait for buses at street corners, not in the middle of the block. Please flag the bus when it is approaching.
  • Please have your ISU Student ID card or similar ISU identification card ready when boarding.
  • Smoking, eating, drinking, and littering is not permitted on the bus. You are only allowed to bring onto the bus the number of packages that you can carry unassisted. The bus driver is not permitted to assist you in loading or unloading packages. Shirts and shoes must be worn on the bus. VIOLATION OF ANY OF THESE POLICIES CAN RESULT IN SUSPENSION OF YOUR RIDING PRIVILEGES.
  • The stop signal is located above or between the windows. Signal the driver block a block ahead when you need to get off the bus.
History of Bus Initiative Project

The one of the largest project that this administration will take on is the development and implementation of the Bus Initiative. This initiative was one of great interest during the election of our student leaders and this administration is charged with fulfilling student interest in having a university and city wide transportation system. This project is one of great significance to the landscape of our university. The Bus Initiative is a package of on campus and city bus routes along with a special evening route specialized for college student usage.


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