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History of Implementation


In an effort to simplify leave reporting and prepare for electronic leave reporting in the future, the Payroll Office changed the time period for which leave for exempt employees is reported. Previously, all leave for exempt staff was reported from the 21st of a month through the 20th of the following month for each payroll. Beginning in December of 2010 the reporting period was changed to the 1st through the last day of each month. The transition was handled as follows:

In early December 2010 an additional recap was sent to each departmental timekeeper requesting employees to report any leave taken for 11/21 though 11/30.

On January 3rd, 2011, recaps for the M1-1 pay period (12/1-12/31) were distributed to departmental timekeepers. All leave taken for the month of December, 2010 was then reported to payroll.

Then monthly recaps were sent February 1st and all leave time taken during the month of January was reported.

This process will be the continued way leave will be reported and recorded for the ISU monthly staff.

The leave balances on pay stubs will reflect hours available for reporting on the next recap. After recaps are submitted to Payroll, leave balances will be updated by the 15th of each month and can be viewed on the MyISU Portal.

The process of Leave Reporting Recording began with Payroll. The Payroll Department is now training Departments to enter their Leave. The goal is to have all Departments entering their own leave via Web Leave Reporting or Departmental Leave Reporting by July of 2011.

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