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Payroll Links

Social Security Administration - At the end of each calendar year the Payroll Office reports your annual earnings from Indiana State University to the Social Security Administration.  Social Security Wages reported on Form W-2 each year are used in calculating your Social Security retirement benefit.  The Social Security Administration web site contains a wealth of information regarding Social Security and also provides online services which includes a benefit estimate calculator.

Internal Revenue Service W-4 Withholding Calculator - Not sure what to claim on IRS Form W-4? The IRS has a W-4 Withholding Calculator as part of their web site.  The calculator requires you to answer a series of questions regarding your withholding status and based on the information you enter the program will calculate your anticipated income tax and recommend a withholding status for you.

Indiana Department of Revenue - This web site contains a variety of on-line tax forms, taxpayer resources and electronic services available through the Indiana Department of Revenue.

Net Pay Calculator - This is a useful tool for employees who have had a change in pay or deductions and are interested in how the change will affect take home pay.  This calculator is made available by


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