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325 Faculty Enrollment in Courses

Authority: Approved by the Board of Trustees
Last updated on: November 01, 2006

325.1 Limitations on Degree

A member of the faculty above the rank of instructor may not work toward a degree at this University. 

325.1.1  Exceptions.  Exceptions to this policy may be granted through petition of the Dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies. 

325.1.2  Tenured Faculty Member.  If tenured, a faculty member must resign his/her position upon entering a program leading to an ISU doctoral degree.

325.2 Limitations on Enrollment

A faculty member in a professional college may not enroll in a course in his/her own college.  A faculty member in the College of Arts and Sciences may not enroll in a course in his/her own department. 

325.2.1  Exceptions.  Exceptions require permission of the Provost.  An annual report of exceptions will be provided by the Provost to the Executive Committee. 

325.2.2  Assigned Duties.  Enrollment in graduate courses should not conflict with assigned duties in the University.

325.3 Enrollment in Graduate Courses

A faculty member who desires to take a graduate course at Indiana State University must first confer with the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.  Prior approval of the department chairperson, the appropriate academic dean, and the graduate professor scheduled to teach the course are required.

325.4 Limitations on Number of Semester Hours

A faculty member may enroll for no more than twelve (12) semester hours of work during a regular academic year.  If a faculty member holds a teaching assignment during a summer term, he/she may enroll in courses but the total activity, teaching and personal course enrollment, may not exceed six (6) hours in any summer term.

325.5 Normal Enrollment and Registration Procedures

Faculty members enrolling in courses at Indiana State University are expected to follow normal enrollment and registration procedures.

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Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
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Policy History:
Policy 325 was included in the 2001 University Handbook revision and was amended by the ISU Board of Trustees as follows: Section 325.2 on November 1, 2006. Policy 325 was reviewed on October 5, 2021 by Academic Affairs and no changes were made. *Policy 399 Interpretation applies to interpretations of Policies 300 to 399 of the Policy Library.