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660 Fundraising from Private Sources

Last updated on: September 30, 2016
Last reviewed on: December 04, 2019
Authority: Approved by the Board of Trustees

660.1 Fundraising from Private Sources

The Indiana State University Foundation is a separately incorporated 501(c)(3) and serves as the primary fundraising and resource development entity for Indiana State University. The Foundation is responsible for identifying and nurturing relationships with potential donors and other friends of the University, soliciting cash, securities, real and intellectual property, and other private resources for the support of the University, and acknowledging and stewarding gifts in accordance with donor intent and the Foundation’s fiduciary responsibilities.

University employees shall direct all philanthropic gifts to the Foundation for receipt, management, and stewardship.

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Policy Administrator:
Office of the Vice President for Advancement
Policy Contact:
Vice President of Advancement
30 North Fifth Street
(812) 237-6100
Policy History:
Policy 660 was included in the 2001 University Handbook revision. Policy 660.1 was amended by the Board of Trustees on September 30, 2016.