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730 Identification and Access to University Facilities

Last updated on: January 01, 2001
Authority: Approved by the Board of Trustees

730.1 Identification Cards

All students, faculty, and staff, including temporary and courtesy appointments, are required to have an identification card in their possession at all times while on campus.  This card is used for University functions. Identification cards are issued by the Public Safety Office.  New students, faculty and staff are not charged for the first identification card; however, there may be a fee for replacement cards.

730.1.1  Obtaining an Identification Card.  All card types may be obtained directly from the Public Safety Office with the exception of the recreational sports identification card.  A form indicating ISU staff or guest user must be obtained from the Recreational Sports Office and presented to the Public Safety Office. Payment for the card, if required, and any fees assessed for facility/equipment services usage must be submitted to the Recreational Sports Office when the form is completed.

730.2 Building Keys

University keys are issued by Facilities Management, Hulman Memorial Student Union, Residential Life Office, and Hulman Center based upon the following guidelines.

a. Requested keys must be properly authorized as follows:

  1. Building master keys - authorized by the appropriate vice president.

  2. Sub-master building keys - authorized by the appropriate dean.

  3. Individual and outside door keys - authorized by the appropriate department head or chairperson.

b. Keys must be picked up and signed for by the individual using the key, indicating the acceptance of responsibility for and proper use of the key.

c. University keys may be duplicated only through the Facilities Management Office upon appropriate authorization.

d. University keys may not be loaned to unauthorized personnel. Proper identification shall be required from any individual before any key is loaned out by any University office.

e. In the event a key is lost, it may be replaced by proper authorization at a nominal cost to be paid at the Controller's Office by the person to whom the key was issued.  In the event it becomes necessary to rekey an individual lock, the individual will be charged actual University costs.

f. Access may be gained to University buildings after hours by contacting the Public Safety Office.

g. Persons leaving University employment must return all issued keys prior to issuance of the final pay check. Keys will be returned to the issuing office or left with the Human Resources Office during the exit interview.

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Policy 730 was included in the 2001 University Handbook revision.