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120 Authority of ISU Board of Trustees

Authority: Approved by the Board of Trustees
Indiana State University is an Indiana institution of higher education under the general control of a board of trustees, known and designated as the Indiana State University Board of Trustees. Other state boards, offices and agencies exercise certain statutory controls and have specified duties and responsibilities pertaining to the operation of the University. The Board of Trustees bylaws are located in Section 125 and the Board policies and procedures are located in Section 126 of this Handbook.
Last updated on: October 22, 2021

120.1 Composition of the Board

State law provides that the composition of the Board shall be as follows:

120.1.1 The Indiana general assembly created the Indiana State University Board of Trustees (IC 21-21-2-1), which constitutes a perpetual body corporate (IC 21-21-2-2).

120.1.2 The Indiana State University Board of Trustees is a bipartisan board composed of nine members (IC 21-21-3-2), two of whom are alumni and nominated by the ISU alumni council (IC 21-21-3-2(2)), one of whom must be a full-time student (IC 21-21-3-2(1)), and at least one of whom must be a woman (IC 21-21-3-8). An individual appointed to the board of trustees must be a resident of Indiana and a citizen of the United States. IC 21-21-3-5. Trustees are appointed by the governor of the State of Indiana. IC 21-21-3-2. Trustees serve four-year terms of appointment, except the student trustee, who serves a two-year term of appointment. IC 21-21-3-3.

120.1.3 The Trustees shall elect a president, vice-president, secretary, and assistant secretary. IC 21-21-4-1. Officers of the ISU Board of Trustees serve a one-year term. IC 21-21-4-1(b). A permanent treasurer is appointed who is not a member of the ISU Board of Trustees. IC 21-21-4-2.

120.1.4 The only meeting of the ISU Board of Trustees that is required by statute is in July of each year, or as soon after July as is practicable, in Terre Haute, Indiana. IC 21-21-5-1.

120.2 Functions, Powers, and Duties of the Board

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the University with attendant powers and authority. This authority is contained in Indiana law Title 21. With every name change, all powers, rights, duties, and obligations of the preceding Board of Trustees were transferred to its successor. IC 21-21.

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