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330 Post-Doctoral Study

Last updated on: January 01, 2001

330.1 Opportunities

Opportunity for post-doctoral study is available at Indiana State University for visiting professors from other institutions, post-doctoral fellows, and others who have attained doctoral status.  These scholars may conduct research, attend classes, and participate in seminars.  On request of the appropriate academic department, they may teach classes.

330.1.1  Class Attendance.  The privilege of attending class without credit or payment of fees requires the approval of the appropriate academic department chairperson and the Dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.  Persons who wish academic credit for courses must register as graduate students and pay appropriate fees.

330.1.2  Laboratory Use.  Prospective researchers requiring laboratory space must be sponsored by a member of the graduate faculty and have the approval of the chairperson of the academic department in which work is planned.

330.1.3  Use of University Facilities.  Library and parking privileges and general usage of University facilities will be available on the same basis as for regular staff. The University assumes no obligation for compensation.

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Policy 330 was included in the 2001 University Handbook revision. *Policy 399 Interpretation applies to interpretations of Policies 300 to 399 of the Policy Library.