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901 Programs Involving Minors

Authority: Approved by the Board of Trustees
Last updated on: June 18, 2021

901.1 General

Indiana State University, as part of its educational mission, has many university programs that include minors (defined as individuals under the age of 18), and also allows external organizations to use University facilities for programs that include minors.

This policy is designed to present clear instructions and protocols in the event that persons may become aware of any child abuse or neglect exhibited toward minors who are on our campus or in our programs, and to protect against inappropriate behaviors toward such minors; this Policy applies to all University programs and to all users of University facilities, whether a contract for such facility use has been executed or not, unless such use or program is excluded below.

901.1.1 Exclusions. This Policy does not apply to the following activities:

901.1.1.1 Public Events.

901.1.1.2 Minors who are enrolled as students of the University.

901.1.1.3 Minors on campus as part of a group, one-time day visit supervised by an organization (e.g., field trips for the purpose of attending a performance or a campus tour.)

901.1.1.4 Minors who are accompanied by their parent/legal guardian.

901.1.1.5 Off-campus programs not administered or supervised by ISU that may utilize ISU faculty, students, or staff in any capacity.

901.1.2 Whether an activity is covered by one or more of the exclusions listed above or not, anyone who has reason to believe that a child is a victim of child abuse or neglect has an affirmative duty to make an oral report to Child Protective Services (1-800-800-5556) or to local law enforcement, including the ISU Police Department (812-237-5555).

901.2 Background Checks

Unless there is an exception provided in procedures promulgated under this Policy, programs involving minors must ensure that all faculty, staff, students, volunteers or other personnel who will work with minors have been subject to a criminal background check and sex offender registry check within the last four years, and will comply with procedures under this Policy.

901.2.1 A program shall not allow the participation in the program of anyone whose criminal background check and/or sex offender registry check includes a record of sexually based offenses or crimes against children.

901.2.2 If criminal background checks include a record of other offenses, then programs shall consult with Human Resources to determine if those offenses should preclude participation.

901.3 List of Programs; Notification Requirements

Units sponsoring programs that include minors and units responsible for University facilities that are used by programs that include minors must maintain an up-to-date list of such programs, and ensure that the ISU Director of Public Safety has been provided notice of an event to occur on campus within a reasonable time before the event takes place.

All programs involving minors will provide notice to participants and parents that Title IX prohibits sex discrimination (including sexual harassment or sexual abuse) against participants in any of the University’s education programs or activities.

901.4 Contracts

Contractual agreements concerning personnel or facilities related to programs that include minors must include compliance with this Policy as a term of the contract.

901.5 Reporting Requirements

Academic and administrative supervisors are responsible for ensuring that programs are in compliance with this policy and related notifications.

901.5.1 Indiana law requires any person who has reason to believe that a child is a victim of child abuse or neglect has an affirmative duty to make an oral report to Child Protective Services (1-800-800-5556) or to local law enforcement, including the ISU Police Department.

901.5.2 Both Indiana law and this Policy require that faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and other university personnel report any suspected abuse of minors to the ISU Police Department (812-237-5555). The ISU Police Department will then report such suspected abuse to Child Protective Services, which will then conduct an investigation.

901.5.3 Complaints of sexual harassment or sexual abuse made by a participant or parent must also be reported to the Equal Opportunity and Title IX Office.

901.6 Supplements Other Requirements

This policy supplements, but does not supersede, any other legal requirements (e.g., child care or teacher licensure requirements). It also supplements Policy 905 Whistleblowers and Indiana law concerning whistleblowing.

901.7 Procedures

The University President shall direct that procedures be developed to comply with this Policy.

901.8 Training

All individuals who have interactions with minors that are covered under this Policy shall undergo training as established by the University Office of Risk Management and by procedures promulgated under this Policy.

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Policy History:
Policy 901 was approved by the ISU Board of Trustees on February 22, 2013. On June 18, 2021, the Board of Trustees approved the modifications and renaming of Sections 901.3 and 901.5