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Authority: Approved by the Board of Trustees
Last updated on: June 11, 2020

635.1 University Publications

635.1.1  University-Wide Publications.  Requests for the printing of University-wide publications should be initiated in University Marketing which provides funding for student recruitment publications for the Admissions Office and academic departments within the colleges (with approval of the chairperson or dean). 

635.1.1.1 Funding.  This funding is for publications which the University Marketing coordinates.  Other publications are funded by the initiating department or office.

635.1.1.2 Production.  The University Marketing assists in the production of all publications, regardless of which unit expends the budget.

635.1.1.3 Other Services.  The University Marketing provides professional writing, editing, design, and layout services and, when needed, will also coordinate photography.  Brochures, bulletins, and other materials giving information about University programs, services and activities are prepared and distributed by the University Marketing.

635.1.2 Off-Campus Printing.  If the publication is to be printed off campus, the Director of University Publications, through the requesting department, submits all printing specifications and a list of acceptable vendors via a purchase requisition to the Purchasing and Central Receiving Department which conducts a bidding process. 

635.1.2.1 Vendor Selection.  The printer is selected on the basis of pricing, quality, and ability to meet the specifications. 

635.1.2.2 Purchase Order.  An Indiana State University purchase order or use of an authorized University procurement card is required in advance of any obligation of funds governed by the University.

635.1.2.3 Liaison to Printer.  In addition to coordinating the bidding process with the Purchasing and Central Receiving Department, the University Marketing acts as a liaison between the initiating office and the printer. University Marketing will submit the purchase requisition as part of the bidding process and will bill the initiating office.

635.1.3 University Directory.  The University Directory lists names, office numbers, and campus telephone numbers of faculty and staff.  The directory is compiled from information provided by individuals.  All faculty and staff members are asked to complete a directory information sheet prior to the beginning of the fall semester.  The sheets are provided by the University Marketing.  The directory also contains a student listing compiled from student registration information.

635.1.4  Publications Permissions Policy.  As a protection to the University and its contributors, Indiana State University copyrights each issue of certain of its publications.  Any writer who wishes to use material from these publications should contact the appropriate editor or the University Marketing.

635.2 University Letterheads and Envelopes

Letterheads, envelopes, and business cards used by individuals, departments, centers, offices, schools, or other units of the University should be uniform in wording, type style, size of type, and layout.  The approved formats are provided by the Division of Printing.  The Purchasing and Central Receiving Department will not accept purchase orders for these items to off-campus vendors.

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Policy History:
635 was included in the 2001 University Handbook revision. On June 11, 2020, minor changes were made to Section 635.1, 635.1.1.1, 635.1.1.2, 635.1.1.3, 635.1.2.3, 635.1.3 and 635.1.4.