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925 Records Retention

Authority: Approved by the Board of Trustees
Last updated on: December 13, 2013

925.1 Purpose

Indiana State University is committed to effective records retention to meet legal standards, preserve its history, minimize the cost of records retention, optimize the use of space, and ensure that outdated and useless records are destroyed properly.  This Policy and the related procedures apply to all University Records.

925.2 Responsibilities for Managing University Records

Certain departments and units are designated as Official Repositories, as listed in the procedures created pursuant to this Policy.

925.2.1 Official Repositories are responsible for establishing and maintaining appropriate records retention management practices in compliance with this Policy and its related procedures.

925.2.2 Departments and units that are not Official Repositories must retain records only while they remain Active Records.

925.2.3 Each unit’s administrator or a designee must: Implement the unit’s and or office’s records management practices; ensure that these records management practices are consistent with this Policy and the related procedures; educate staff within the administrative unit in understanding sound records management practices; preserve inactive records of legal, fiscal, administrative, or historical value and transfer such records to the University Archives (the University Archivist shall be consulted to determine whether Inactive Records have historical significance); ensure that access to confidential files is restricted (long-term restrictions on access to selected archival records should be established at the time of their transfer to the University Archives); and destroy Inactive Records that have no archival value upon expiration of the applicable retention period.

925.2.4 Direct questions about responsibilities under this Policy and the related procedures to the Office of General Counsel, who will work closely with units to ensure understanding of this Policy and the related procedures and implementation of responsibilities.

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Policy Administrator:
Office of the General Counsel
Policy Contact:
Office of the General Counsel
Parsons Hall 223
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Policy History:
Policy 925 was added to the University Handbook and approved by the ISU Board of Trustees on December 13, 2013.