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360 Sponsored Programs and Institutional Research Compliance

Last updated on: May 12, 2017
Authority: Approved by the Board of Trustees

360.1 Grants and Contracts Externally Funded

The University encourages faculty and professional staff to seek external support for research and creative projects.  External sponsors often provide support for release time, personnel, equipment, travel, and expendable supplies. Because such activities affect the department and often require naming the University as the applicant, rather than the faculty member, all proposals submitted to external agencies or individuals must be approved by University departments/offices affected by the proposed project. 

360.1.1  Process for Proposal Approval.  Approvals are obtained by routing the proposal electronically through the Office of Sponsored Programs' online system, available on the Sponsored Programs website.  This procedure assures coordinated effort and consistent reporting once the proposal is funded.  At a minimum, proposal routing must include a grant narrative (sometimes called a Statement of Work) and a detailed budget, including any university funds committed to the project.

360.1.2  Process for Development and Submission of Proposals.  To facilitate the development and submission of proposals for external funds, the following procedural steps have been established:

360.1.2.1  Sponsored Programs Office.  Faculty members contemplating the preparation of proposals should contact the Sponsored Programs Office. This Office provides valuable information about funding opportunities and has a proposal development specialist to assist with the writing and a specialist to assist with the budget.  Seeking assistance while writing early drafts may eliminate potential problems in the routing process once the final draft is completed.  It is also important for faculty and staff to discuss ideas with supervisors and any colleagues who might be involved with or affected by the project.

360.1.2.2  Format of Proposal.  The prescribed format will usually be set forth in the agency's guidelines and application materials, and some agencies request special forms.  The Sponsored Programs Office can aid in the preparation of a targeted, well-organized, well-written, specific proposal and provide assistance and institutional information needed to complete sponsor forms.

360.1.2.3  Routing Process.  Completed proposals should be routed through the Sponsored Programs' online grant system at least ten (10) days prior to the anticipated date of proposal submission.

360.  Approvals.  These materials are to be circulated in the order listed below under "University Compliance Committees" or other applicable compliance committees; chairpersons of all departments affected by the proposed project; deans of all colleges affected by the project; and the Office of Sponsored Programs and Chief Research Officer for final review and approval.

360.1.2.4  Signature Authority.  Signature authority for grant and contract proposals, award documents, and sub-agreements vests with the Chief Research Officer, in accordance with Policy 620 Contract Approval, Signatory and Reporting Policy.

360.1.2.5  Submission of the Proposal.  When all approvals have been obtained, the Sponsored Programs Office will work with the faculty or staff member to submit the proposal to the funding agency. 

360.1.3  Payments.  Externally funded or contracted projects will be in an amount agreed upon by the University and the sponsoring agency.

360.1.3.1  Salary of Faculty Member.  Time spent on contract research or sponsored instructional activities will be reimbursed to the University out of contract funds, and the faculty and/or staff member will normally be paid no more than his/her established University salary during the academic or fiscal year.  Salary amounts charged to state and federally funded projects will alwys be based upon the individual's institutional base salary.

360.1.3.2  Institutional Base Salary (IBS).  The annual compensation paid by the University for an individual’s appointment, whether that individual’s time is spent on research, instruction, administration, or other activities. IBS does not include extra service pay, consulting, one-time payments or incentive pay. Additionally, IBS does not include payments from other organizations or income that individuals are permitted to earn outside of their University responsibilities, such as consulting.

360.2 Institutional Research Compliance Committees

Indiana State University acknowledges its responsibility to assure scientific and ethical research and to comply with federal mandates. The University has established compliance committees and filed appropriate assurances with the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services. These committees include:  Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Radiological Control Committee, Institutional Biosafety and Recombinant DNA Committee. 

360.2.1  Committee Approval.  Proposals requiring special approval from one or more of these committees should be routed to the chairperson of the respective committee(s) for approval prior to routing to the department chairperson(s).  Further information on these committees is available on the Sponsored Programs website.

360.3 Human Subjects Research

Research projects involving the use of human subjects must be approved by the college in which the research project is located. 

360.3.1  Approval by Institutional Review Board.  The ISU Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects must review and deem exempt or approve all projects involving the use of human subjects before the research begins.  Once approval has been granted, it is unacceptable to deviate significantly from the approved protocol without again obtaining approval. 

360.3.1.1  Confidentiality.  It is also improper to violate the confidentiality of a human subject without the subject's approval.

360.3.1.2  Manual.  A manual, "Policies and Procedures for the Review of Research Involving Human Subjects", has been prepared to assist all members of the University community in complying with the stated policy of ISU with respect to external and internal research involving human subjects.  The attention of the researcher is especially drawn to the code of ethics adopted by the various behavioral sciences professional organizations.

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