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726 Weather Guidelines

Last updated on: January 01, 2001
Authority: Approved by the Board of Trustees

726.1 Weather Guidelines

Although weather conditions may necessitate the closing of the University, such occasions are extremely rare. The University's academic programs, courses, classes, seminars and offices will continue and remain open, except in the most unusual circumstances.

726.1.1  Decision to Close University.  When a decision is made to close the University - that is, a decision to cancel classes and to close University offices - an official announcement will be made by means of radio and television reports.  When information is not conveniently available through public news media, verification of the University's status is available on the ISU Infoline (237-7777).

726.1.1.1  University President.  The decision to close the University because of weather conditions will be made by the University President, or designee.

726.1.2  Continuation of Services in the Event of Closure.  When a decision is made to close the University because of weather conditions, certain institutional services must continue on an emergency basis.  When possible, services at the following locations will be continued: 

  • University Arena
  • Student Health Center
  • Facilities Management (designated staff)
  • University Power Plant
  • Residence Halls
  • Public Safety Office. 

726.1.2.1  Supervisory Role.  Supervisors of these services are responsible for maintaining sufficient staff in such circumstances.  Activities scheduled for Hulman Memorial Student Union and Hulman Center may require University staff coverage.  Facilities for plant and animal research will be staffed by the appropriate departments. Additional emergency needs will be addressed and responded to by the appropriate vice president.

726.1.3  Tornado.  When a tornado has been sighted which places the campus area in danger, a siren will be sounded.  All persons on campus should immediately move inside and go to shelter areas designated on emergency procedures signs posted in campus buildings.  In general, the best shelter is below ground level or in lower interior areas of reinforced concrete buildings out of sight of windows and glass doors.

726.1.3.1  Securing Facilities.  Persons responsible for offices, laboratories, and other facilities should develop procedures for securing facilities against theft during a severe weather warning or drill.

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