At Indiana State, you'll find eye-opening experiences. Tons of opportunities. And mind expanding classes run by the most passionate professors around.

Our professors are so much more than teachers; with deep knowledge and experience to share, they’re experts in their fields. You can count on them to inspire you, mentor you, and to open doors you never even knew existed in the classroom and even online.

And that’s just the beginning. Get your hands dirty with practical experience in the research lab, in the field, and out in the world. Like examining a real human brain. Traveling to San Diego for a Pacific Ocean research dive. Or working with Adidas Sport on future business plans.


So what are you waiting for?Find your blue.


Need Help Finding a Major?

  • Prof. Emily Cannon
    Prof. Emily Cannon

    "Professor Emily Cannon in the School of Nursing has inspired me to become the best nurse I can be. She is the happiest and most caring individual I have ever met. Someday, I hope to be half the nurse she is."Phillip Harpenau, Nursing major

  • Dr. Greg Bierly
    Dr. Greg Bierly

    "Dr. Bierly makes personal connections with all of the Honors students and is so approachable. He gave me great advice: Work really hard at the beginning of the semester, get ahead, and then adjust from there."Natalie Lewis, Language major