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Citizen Complaints

It is ISU Police Department's policy to investigate all complaints against employees received from any source. The public has a right to expect efficient, fair, and impartial law enforcement. Therefore, any complaint against an employee of this department must be thoroughly investigated to assure the maintenance of these qualities. Employees too must be protected against false allegations. This can only be accomplished through a consistent and thorough investigation.

Complaints can be filed in person at the ISU Police Department, 210 N. 6th Street, Terre Haute, IN, by telephone at (812) 237-5555, or by email at

Administration Division

Michele Barrett Chief of Police
Ian Loomis Captain
Dan Parmer Captain
David Smith Lieutenant
Aaron Sloan Patrol/Clery Compliance Lieutenant
Jacquelyn Smith Community Development Sergeant
Kevin Murphy Emergency Management
Missy Allen Assistant to Chief of Police

Parking Services Division

Lori Elkins Asst. Director/Parking Services
Chris Pine Parking Coordinator
Kelly Hallett Parking Services Asst. 

Patrol Division

Brent Denny Sergeant
Jordan Gentry Sergeant
Andrew Piske Sergeant
Christopher Heleine Sergeant
Wendell McCollough Corporal
David Barber Corporal
Jordan Neill Corporal
Taylor Butler Officer
Chaz Siebenmorgen  Officer
Andrew Ballard Officer
Cody Musgrave  Officer
Adam Swaim Officer
Nathaniel Barbour  Officer
Alex Downing  Officer
David Robertson Officer

Investigations/Records Division

David Smith Lieutenant
Jeff Bucklin Sergeant
Joe Milner Records Coordinator

Crime Prevention

Jacquelyn Smith Community Development Sergeant

Communications Division

Gloria Ighile Communications Officer
Kelli Brian Communications Officer
Danna Roper Communications Officer
Darrell Higgins Communications Officer
Regan Spears  Communications Officer
April Jackson Communications Officer