OR - Room Scheduling Calendar Instructions

Click here to request a room or to view the calendar of schedulable rooms.

After clicking this link, you will see a Calendar tab at the top of the page. Click on the Calendar tab, then select Scheduling Grids.

Calendar tab - Scheduling Grid

You can now view a Scheduling Grid of the classrooms by either day or week. This schedule includes both academic sections and scheduled events. On the day view, each room’s daily schedule is listed to the right:

Scheduling Grid - Daily View

If you have selected the week view then you will need to select an individual classroom from the list on the left hand side. The schedule for that one room will then display on the right side:

Scheduling Grid - Weekly View

You can change the day/week by either clicking on the blue arrows to the left and right of the date or click on the date itself and a calendar will become available.

Scheduling Grid - Changing Views

You can also use your mouse and hover over the section and an informational box will pop up with information on the section.

Scheduling Grid - Tooltips

Please note that currently this grid only shows the rooms that the Registrar’s office can schedule.