Instructions for How to Access an Advisee’s Registration PIN from the Portal

  • Go to the MyISU Cloud and log in.
  • Click on the Faculty Self-Service badge and then select the Reporting Services tab.
  • Select Student Pins (Must be on Campus) under the Grades section.
    • This will open a new window with the message "Initializing your report...".
    • Note: you must have the Evisions Application Launcher installed on your machine in order to run this report. (This can be installed via the Software Center, which can be found in your computer's Start Menu in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager folder.)
  • Once the report is open, select the desired term from the Select Future Reg Term Desired drop down menu, enter the student's University ID number in the University ID Number field, and press Enter.

Screenshot of PIN Report

  • The student's PIN will display in the Pin Number field. (Keep in mind that not all students have PINs. If no PIN displays, then this means the student does not have one assigned.)